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Change your Mind

129ave_1.jpgAs the motto of the International Exposition held in Chicago in 1933 boldly proclaimed, “Science Finds — Industry Applies — Man Conforms.”

Probably we are all sons of that period, all the information collected in years and years of study and experiments are now collapsed into the net, and we are the one that use all of these stuff in some ways, sometimes in the same way…

Is it too obscure? I’m trying to explain. The need for searching and scouting the market, the research made of collecting info from several sources, bring us to navigate the same Internet or read the same newspapers, visiting and discussing and using the same subjects. As an example, I normally discuss with colleagues about news and technologies and, as normally happens, we are already aware about everything.

What does it mean? It is going to became unusual that someone came out with a really new thing to talk about, and when it happens many of us are more afraid about they miss the thing, than happy about the information they received. What’s going on, boys?

Why do I blog this?

Two main phases for researchers and innovators: we’re going to be only (1) researcher, sometimes testers, but (2) innovation is made of reflections about things we find, or that someone suggested us. Take a breath, and don’t fill up your mind with things that waste your time and anesthetize your sensitivity.