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Plug in cinema dot com, a guide to Internet Filmmaking

Let the filmmaker that is hidden in you jump out and starts to surprise your friends, at first. This is one of the best way for a free shot, don’t loose it.” is a web-based organization that shows films made for online presentation. It also supports digital film-making giving help and information to would-be film makers. It is described as a “proactive” web site, the founders and organizers (Ana Kronschnabl, Thomas Rawlings and Armin Elsaesser) work with a lot of new media practitioners from novice to high skilled technicians. The site includes a film school with interactive excercises, a glossary explaining all the technical aspects and links to suppliers for equipment and books.” (Excerpt from The New Media Handbook – Dewdney and Ride)

Look at the equipments provided (i.e. SnatchIT!), take your time to test your skill and talent, and start to emulate Fellini and Antonioni masterpieces…

Why do I blog this?

I read a lot, I find a lot of infos and tips, but sometimes they remain in my pocket. I’m sure that some people will find this (and the following) a starting point for something, playful or special.