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Innovation is everywhere

Kind of provocative post today.

The news comes from an italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. If you can read italian you will find the original article here.

If you live in a big city you will be used to see people begging for money in buses and metro.

Different story yesterday night.

Milano, late night. Lot of annoyed people waiting to reach their homes. Everybody is thinking to his problems and, as usually, they are looking at their feet. No interactions. Silence is all around.

Suddenly a girl jumps in the metro. She wears a long black coat. Nothing strange except the fact that she’s also wearing fake ears and she’s bringing with her a stereo box. As the train moves, she presses a button and a rock and roll song starts. The coat falls on the floor.

She starts dancing with the people on train.

At the next train station she stops the music and leaves the trains after having collected a respectable amount of money from the people on the train.

Why do I blog this?

You know, innovation may be too serious. And don’t forget Rule #6: Don’t take yourself so seriously.