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What do you want from (second ) life?

thetubes.jpgAn old melody (first released in 1975, is it really “old”?) made by The Tubes and entitled “What do You Want from Life?” could be the hymn of a new virtual paradise, the so called Second Life place. I’ve never visited it, like many others, but I’ll try to write something about it, made by suggestions received from some users I know. As a result, there is a sequence of ideas that probably don’t fit with the real/unreal Second Life…with a little help of Spooner and Evans.

“What do you want from (second) life / To kidnap an heiress / or threaten her with a knife”

In Second Life you can do everything: you’re free, you can buy or beg or borrow or steal, you can visit museums and enter restaurants, meet people and talk and …yeah, you can fly! Lovely.

“What do you want from (second) life / To get cable TV / and watch it every night”

SL is a time waster: we don’t have enough time for our real life, where we can find the time for the Second? Like a disguise, people go and hide into, and substitute their existence with a surrogate. Pathetic.

“What do you want from (second) life / An Indian guru / to show you the inner light”

SL like any other virtual reality game: wasting time play soccer, basketball, why not SL? It’s relaxing, no more tears or fears, addiction is unusual for a kind of game that is for adult players, and they can take under control their compulsions. Absorbing.

“What do you want from (second) life / a meaningless love affair / with a girl that you met tonight”

SL for ruling out: a lot of unconventional experiences with dizzy dirty Danish dancers of lap dance, no disease, no viruses, no involvement. Intriguing.

Second Life: easy to understand, easy to play, amazing or foolish, so why to resist to the charming call? It’s probably because one life and one world at a time is enough, but why not sneaking into, one of these days?

Why do I blog this?
I’ve got some questions about SL, about life and death, about multiple identities you can have inside, if your avatars could survive you after your First Life is ended. Any religion? Any Big Brother? You change your body but your soul remains the same?