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Innovation Santa

It’s X-mas time, I read a couple of posts about Santa Claus and his innovation spirit. It’s a joke but in the “Why Santa rocks at Innovation!” you can find modern rules that applies to the famous old man. Please read it, and then you’ll find that there is only one missing thing that could complete the profile of the perfect innovative and customer oriented man, red dressed and long bearded: he does not exist. Or, better, he is well hidden, no tv interviews, no news or gossips, that’s why he is so perfect. No one could apply to his job as Santa does, laughing all the time and smiling at a group of collaborative dwarfs, without kick them in their backs or shouting to some idiot customers that asked for some stupid little “stylish dressed” dolls with a house, a car and a swimming pool too. Probably, when your child will be old enough to understand that Santa is only a myth, this could be one of the best way to explain why.

Why do I blog this?
This is my X-mas post, dedicated to my son that is old enough.
Feliz Navidad.

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