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Order and Disorder

I’m well impressed by colleagues, friends, people that find everything they stored, or received, or buy, or place somewhere at home, or in a folder…It derives from my untidiness, it’s not a fault but it’s like a trademark of my life, I can remember of a bulk of trousers and t-shirts over my bed (and mother’s shout), or piles of books over my desk, or minutes and minutes spent browsing into my “C:” space, looking for that special file that wasn’t in the right folder…
Have you ever seen nothing like this? As a consequence, I adore all the tools that could help me in putting everything in the right place or, better, to find out what I’m looking for. In my life, the best tool I choose is my wife, in order to partially solve the “messy room” problem (don’t worry; I love her and she knows the situation very well!). In my professional life I developed some strategies to limit the disorder, but my laptop was always out of control. Like a LIFO stack, only daily or Very Important Things remained on the surface, and layers and layers of pdf and ppt and doc went to fill all of the spaces. I decide to fight against this, basically for surviving, and started to face the Evil, the Desktop.
Following the simple instructions contained in this link, I collect some ideas to transform my Desktop in an empty space, but full of significance. It’s not a contradiction, if you start with an empty desktop, the empty space does not mean anything, but if you, until yesterday, put everything you receive, download, see, take from the camera, etc. etc., on the desktop, the empty space NOW means a lot. When I started this experience I was skeptic, I suppose it was like hide dust under the carpet, but after one month I’m sure it works, the desktop is clean, the mind is clean too, and I started to find a place for most of the files I’m working with. Are you married but the PC is still untidy? I suggest you to try.

Why do I blog this?
As usual, the post I wrote was another one…I wrote it on a piece of paper I found in the kitchen, maybe a not completed shopping-list, I’ve asked my wife about it and she started to shout about my untidiness…