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OOO world

There’s a bit of innovation and innovative thought even in the ooo messages. What’s an ooo? Is our classical Out Of Office text, written in english (why?) even if you are in an Italian company, that appears immediately after you sent an email to a colleague. You don’t have time to say “how fast he answered!!” that you understand (and see) that your’re victim of an ooo (what do you think about o-cube?)
I started to collect them in a special folder, a group of specimen that you can divide in about three categories: “I’m not here, forget me”, “I’m not here, sorry, it’s my fault, please call me on my mobile, I love to be in touch with you even in holidays period etc. etc.” (the category name is too long but so it is), and the third one “this ooo is quite different and funny like no other, isn’t it?”, that probably is the worst. We can call these respectively forget, forgive and fun, so every ooo fits in a fff class. All of my ooo are in the first f class (forget me), I love it ’cause messages like “with limited or no access to my email” leave in the reader a strage sensation, a sort of envy, like “look at that guy, where is he now? Fiji? Tibet? Botswana??”
But where’s the innovation? A creative mind find a way to make ooo more appealing and out of the triple-f schemes, putting a photo, a curious link, a famous statement, nothing else, no messages or phone numbers, sure that a reply like this could suggest to the receiver that…sorry, no room for your message today!

Why do I blog this?

I’m travelling, and I remember that I forget to put my favourite ooo on…