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From Genesis to Revelation to Innovation

At the beginning it was the Network, large, vast, and free. You could browse anywhere and find things you’ve never suppose to find, or that you searched for without success year after year. All of us remember that special query that we used to hit upon an old buddy or to get that singular event lost in ancient memories. About ten years ago, we started to download music with V90, with only one conviction in mind: I’m hidden behind my PC, my identity is secreted by the net, every website, from to, does not know who I am, and this is freedom. It looks like when you enter a big shop, a very big one, and you walk through corridors from t-shirts to trumpets, and when someone ask if you need for a help, you answer “just browsing, thank you”. The first time I heard such a phrase was with my friend Tony F. in an enormous shopping center near Dallas. That place was amazing, the main theme was “fishing and hunting” but there were thousands of things, from guns to trousers to sport garments, shoes, books, pictures, special food, all distributed in a very huge space. We stood more that two minutes near an exhibitor full of fishhooks so a shop assistant arrived to help us. “Just browsing” said Tony, and he flashed me.

Now it’s different, quite different. Now the net is a place where to show your identity and search for friends or, better, for people and for mind sharing, to share your ideas and talk about it. No need to hide, that’s my name, that’s my photo, who are you? This kind of way to communicate is more discreet than others, in the sense that (as now) one can write and other can read, if they want. No problems in terms of distance; daytime or nighttime are both valid to have a conversation, even if could be impossible to meet each other.

And where is the Innovation? The innovation is in the process and in the results, an idea like the Net that growth and reveals new ways to use the space and how to fill it. The net is hungry, so we developed tools to feed her with things, uploaded from mobile phone that became the extreme ends of her vastness. Washing machines and refrigerators already started to talk, so you can contact your toaster from your pc and ask him to turn off the light in the bedroom. Our five senses are increased by one, the capacity to be everywhere, to talk with everyone, to know everything, simply going through the net.

Why do I blog this?
Writing on a blog, after a couple of months, could be addictive, and the first question that arises is “Is there anybody out there?” or “does it worth our efforts?” This is an attempt to describe and understand this world, to fight against the fear made by the size of the net and the millions of blogs already made.

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