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The Wired 40

cover_wired_190.jpgThe 10th annual list of the most innovative companies in the world, made by is, as usual, full of remarkable thoughts. You can argument on it, but most of the nominees are appropriate and I suggest you to visit each web site (especially for the less famous) and find what make them so smart.

It’s hard to enlighten some of the firm in the grid, but it’s significant that two of them in the first places are unsuspected ones: Cisco and General Electrics.

In my mind, these two giants are strong enough in their fields to remain well tightened to a well-established business, and this is my mistake, sorry guys. Big and strong don’t mean lack of vision and perspectives, these two are examples of companies that invest in the future and promote innovation.

Why do I blog this?
It’s against false opinion made on prejudice.

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