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Oh my God!!


The magic word “tube� it’s going to be applied to everything that could be put on the internet with the mark of success. One of these examples is the brand new GodTube, a web site where you can distribute home made videos that give evidence of Lord through interviews, quotations and testimonies. Nothing to say about this initiative, even in beta version (as usual!!!), but it could be a bit dangerous to promote internet usage and video sharing inside a community that need to be aware of temptations, as the ones that plague the web.

Deriving from this initiative, we can say that the idea could be applied in different fields. YouTube is now filled with everything, you can search inside it but you’re not sure about the results; what about specialize our searches, or better start with a new XXXTube, where you can find only movies related to plumbers, or cats or jumping Toyotas? And what about Second Life? I’d like to live a second life only filled with nyw (I can’t explain it, guess please), or business companies or tropical island, no dancing avatars or maniacs or monkeys that ask me for moneys. So let’s specialize it too, creating SL for categories, and not what now SL is going to became, a place too similar to our real world.

God help us please!

Why do I blog this?
Free your mind from what GodTube is about; consider that generally speaking it could be a good way to involve your followers on special topics. I’m not sure that this could be the right way for some of them, but could help us to get rid of that confusion that rules on the internet.