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Second Life Is Faster Than Real Life

20070309SL.jpgYesterday night I was having a Look at my Second Life inventory trying to put some order in a complete mess.

Over the years I have collected thousands of items between objects, scripts, clothing, notecards and landmarks. I decided to do some spring cleaning.

I went through all of my landmarks. They were something like one hundred and I decided to check most of them. Not really as as surprise I found that only ten or twenty were still valid, mostly from corporate presence. As a test I went through my friend list.

It has grown to something like 250 different people I have met in the last two years and a half. Now it has no more that 25 entries, and they are the most recent people I have met. Most of the people I used to talk with are no more in SL.

What I discovered, with no surprise to be honest, is that Second Life changes at a very fast pace. Places, people mutate their interests in days, not month or years.

I am still thinking what is the reason for this but I have not yet found a good answer.

The interesting thing here is how this behavior will affect business in Second Life, specially traditional business brought to Second Life.

If you are a traditional company you will probably put together a business plan to approach the Second Life metaverse.

Which will be the timeframe of the business plan? One quarter, two quarters, more or less?

Why do I blog this ?Once again I discovered that the dynamics in Second Life are much more different from those in Real Life and if you want to have success you have to remember this.