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After ?Commodities?, let?s start to analyze “Homesourcing”, another intriguing word linked to our daily experience as ?working human being? or ?whub?. (I?m going to trademark whub, it?s a mixture of sounds and looks like the name of a robot, a not so smart one but faithful enough). So, you whubs, how much of your salary are you ready to give up if your company gives you the opportunity to work at home? Let?s think about it.

It happened to everyone to be congested into a traffic jam on the way for your office, spending hours of your valuable time pushing on the clutch and thinking about the green fields of your past youth. You arrive 2 hours later and think that some of the time you spent in your cubicle could be spent at home, working at the same pace but probably in better conditions. New technologies could help us to be connected with our network, made of colleagues, customers, suppliers, directly from home. It?s called ?homework?, and it applies to every clerk who is free to spend his working time at home or in the office, normally without rules and enough freedom to choose, day by day, his final destination. He is the real manager of his time and job; normally it works on a project and looks after its final delivery, so who cares about his working position in the 3D space?

Homesourcing is a bit different, let?s Wiki help us:
?Homesourcing is a term that describes the hiring of people who work from their home instead of in an office or other business place.?

It?s from the beginning that you choose to spent your working life at home, there is no office for you, no desk, no coffee pots with friends or shared printers, your home is your battlefield. Several tasks are required to be homesourced, from the call center employees to sales, customer care to services, and a growing number of people are ready to pursue this career.
There are several advantages that derives from homesourcing, and it?s hard to identify wich is the best. We?re not talking about outsourcing, where companies rent people for a limited time frame and for specific projects, we?re talking about real employees, that take the opportunity to live their working lifes in a condition they like, and their loyalty is bigger than the average. Companies take advantages from increasing working performances, as some of them declared, and salary and taxes values could be influenced by the special situation consequent from homesourcing conditions.

As mentioned above, homework is not applicable to all the professions, especially if you change from spending time in the office to the home condition, because you probably lose your contacts and relations and feel neglected.

Homesourcing is like a philosophy of life, you exchange a standard working condition for a better one, or for something that is similar to your life style.

Why do I blog this?
Only to introduce the brand new word WHUB (I love it), but don’t be so sure…
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