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A dream called B.C.


Somebody told me that there is a class of warning messages in your email client, related to the calendar application, that sounds like the one in the picture above. A message that appears subtly, unexpected, but only if you deserve it. It’s only a warning, and the aim is to bring people to think that something is going wrong. It happens when you put working hours in a weekend, or when the number of meetings in your daily schedule it’s more than…five (?!), or when you place an appointment in your birthday date after 1 P.M., and so on.
Do you like it? Do you think it’s useful? How many applications you know that need something like this, a “Behaviour Controller” that gives you an advice when you’re beyond the limit? Could be Powerpoint, when you put more that 5 lines in a slide? Or Excel, when you fit more than 100 (!!) columns in a table? Or Word, when the number of you wrote is at a worrisome level. And in the case of IE (or Firefox or whatever you want)? B.C. could be great: “Hey dude!! what about stop with Technorati for today and take a look to some pretty things?”

Wake up boys, it’s only a dream, I write this post ’cause I’m looking for someone that can develop this applet and give it to the world of available applications, a plug-in that could be distribute for free, based on your attitude or on your nature (are you lazy? here is the B.C. for prompting you if your outlook schedule looks like Kalahari desert). Is there anyone capable?