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Junior or Senior? Dedicated to…

There is a good post from the House of Innovation. I’d like to spent a few words about the start..:”Many businesses make the mistake of giving innovation projects to junior executives. It seems natural to hand innovation opportunities to enthusiastic and promising upstarts. But generally it is the experienced heavyweights who can overcome all the process and political obstacles that will occur.” I totally agree with, executives or not this principle could be applied to the daily working life. I know, I can see your smile when you’ll find my birth date, I’m a senior one. Please, stay tuned. Young people are full of energy, some of them, the smartest ones, often waste their power because their lack of experience. And this is not the only issue, sometimes they are misleaded by an old management or, better, by an old “senior management”. Don’t loose the opportunity, if your’re skilled enough to be considered a Senior one, to give them the chance to growth and to take care of their furtherance. On the other side, if you’re young enough and you want to improve, take a breath and sometimes listen and learn.

Why do I blog this?
Innovation and innovative thoughts are not only reserved for young or for old people, but is the process (the project) that leads an innovative idea to success that needs to be managed by your most senior and best people. “Don’t delegate it to lower level staff and hope for the best.”

  1. I think that It does not matter if you are senior or not…The only thing to take care is to follow a good idea on which is it possible to work with profits.

    Probably young people have ideal idea on what is pro and cons to an innovative project but it is possible to believe that lack of knowledge can be overpasses by specific knowledge.
    You could be also able to coordinate senior colleagues if you have a good project on your hands so, one for all and all for one.

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