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Second Life Entrepreneur

Yesterday night I was flying around in Second Life with no real destination. I love to do this and find new stuff.

I came across a guy, of whom I will not cite the name, with an interesting group tag with the word CEO inside.

I stopped by and after a few sentences I found he was the CEO of a company working on the organization of events in Second Life.

I was quite interested in the subject and then decided to stop by and talk a little bit with this guy. After a few minutes I heard that he was going to set up a live event for a big real life company and that he was expecting an attendance of 300 or more Second Life residents to the event.

I have been in Second Life for a very long time and decided to investigate a little bit further this number he gave me.

I asked if he was planning to implement a simulcast on different islands for that event and he answered that he was going to host the event on a single island dedicated to the event.

What ?

Do you really think you can host 300 avatars on the same island?

I gave a look at his Second Life birth date and it wasr March 07.

Hey Mr WontTellTheName do you know that you have to consider yourself lucky if you will be able to have 60/70 avatars on the same island?

A few weeks ago a friend of mine talked about the Second Life Viewer as the new Netscape. As I Already told in the past I basically agree on this view.

The talk with this guy remembered me the Internet at the time of Netscape. Newborn entreprenuers approaching the market with no knowledge at all, both commercial and technical.

Why do I blog this? Somehow it’s nice to see that history repeats itself.