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Second Life. I Am Going To Quit.

20070309SL.jpgAfter having spent more than two years and a half in Second Life I think I will quit very soon.

Several reasons led me to this decision, but the most important is: it’s no fun anymore.

Here is a simple list of the other reasons why:

  • It’s the same thing all around the universe. Same buildings, same objects, same animations. That sparkle of creativity that I could see in the early stages is definitely gone nowadays.
  • Always the same questions. “How can I find a job?” or “Do you want to have fun” repeated at least 20 times during each session is enough for me to give up.
  • Corporate presence is almost similar to a “cathedral in the desert”. (Actually don’t know if English speaking people have this expression). I do not really see any value today for a company to establish a Second Life presence. (This sentence is worth a dedicated post that I will write in the near future)
  • I do not really see any real option to start any kind of new and profitable business activity in Second Life. (Even if I admit I have been too lazy to investigate this in deep detail during the last few months).
  • My first time friends have all left SL.