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Why Mobile Is So Important

Last week I had the chance to attend a big conference, and i was sitting in front of hundreds of people looking at them while they were listening at the speakers.

I always use these events as opportunities to observe people, and what they do. I am not working for a mobile telco operator anymore but my passion and love for mobile has not (yet) left me.

Everybody was sitting there in front of device screen. Lot of mobile phones, lot of tablets, few PCs.

And I was thinking: wow, mobile is there, really!

Some of them were taking pictures, others were recording the different speakers, some were sending status updates to Twitter or Facebook, or just reading e-mails during boring talks.

I knew I had to make a very short comment on a keynote and I just decided to tell this people why I think mobile is so important.

Your mobile is always with you

Can you think of any other consumer electronics device which spends more time with you? My mobile phone actually is spending with me much more time than my wife. Think about that, and realize that your user is there .

The user has time while in mobility

Time is a scarce resource. Just think about the time you spend on your phone to kill time while waiting for something.

The mobile phone delivers emotions

Isn’t that true? Think about it. Did you ever receive a message like this “Beatrice is here! Both mom and baby are doing fine”, “I think we need a break. I’ll call you”, “We won the deal! great job”. Positive or negative, they are emotions.

Objects can now talk to your mobile phone

Today, more than ever in the past, object are able to talk with your mobile. Barcodes, QR Code, NFC, pictures are just a few of the methods the real world can use to connect with your phone. This is a new dimension, and an important one.

You are always connected to the net

Well, ok, most of the times.

You mobile phone has many sensors

GPS, gyroscope, camera, and microphone are just some of the many ways your phone can collect data from you and the environment around you.

Would you add something to this list? Please, feel free to leave a comment if so.

  1. Interesting post, I do agree, mobile has definitely come!

    A year ago I read a pretty similar article by G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón “Five Insights into Innovating via Mobile Devices”:

    Following their analysis I’d then add:

    _The world loves instant gratification;

    _We crave superhero powers. Our mobile phones allow us to interact in multiple places at the same time;

    And especially the last one:

    _We think of our mobile device as our “No. 1 recovery tool,” and we never leave home without it. Why? It is a lifeline. Our cell phones are the first thing we reach for when we’re away from home or the office and a problem comes up.

    • Those are definitely some interesting points!

      Thank you for the link. Really appreciated.

  2. You’re welcome! It is impressive to think about how _during 80s-90s the “centre” were personal computers _in this decade all rounds around mobile phones (and there is still a lot that can be done…) _what will be next? digital experiences fully integrated in all of our everyday objects & surroundings… the Internet of Things.

  3. yeah, today’s mobile phones into their daily needs, in contrast to earlier times, the only objects owned by the wealthy and to showcase

  4. Mobiles are very important in our daily life and they will be more important but one thing always remain in doubt that will tablets take place of mobiles ????

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