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Are Mobile Phone Jacks Of All Trades?

A few weeks ago I was reading this story from Gear Diary and I was really impressed.

Short. Jim Furyk, a pro golfer, was disqualified from a PGA tour event because he showed up late at the tee.

Why did this happen? Simply because his mobile phone where he set the alarm died because the battery was drained.

I think that this has happened to almost any of us at least once in our life.

This would have not happened if the pro had used a more common alarm clock with much more long lasting batteries.

So, it the mobile phone the jack of all trades, master of none?

I think so.

Nowadays mobile phone can do a lot of task usually performed by electronic devices.

They can act as an alarm clock, they can take pictures, they can read and send emails and so on.

As we have seen their battery can easily drain and fai to wake you up; the pictures you can take may be worse than those you can take with a dedicated camera and your desktop email client is for sure better than your mobile one.

At the end of the day we are keen to sacrifice some functionalities in order to aggregate them in one single device.

What do you think?