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The mobile phone is the evil


Mobile phones started to invade our everyday life a few years ago, but we’re still discovering their wickedness. Day after day new and unsuspected situations arise and show the lack of defense of the human race against rules and methods that the usage of the mobile phones introduced in our habits. Same examples are kindly requested. Have you noticed how often your wife/mother/sister/uncle/brother in law NOW calls you for asking everything about something that only a few years ago they were able to do by themselves? My wife goes out for shopping, and I’m ready to spent a quiet afternoon peaceful on my sofa…but she has got her mobile in her bag, so she starts to call me as if I’m there glancing through the shop windows with her, and asks about shoes, dresses, and what about a new curtain for the bath, and do you think I need to buy this or that or those?

The great advantage made by always on connection is going to become not only an attack to our moments of privacy, this could be less important, but is going to weak our personality, our aptitude to make decisions in an independent way, without asking for reassurance and encouragement from people we know and we trust. And this is evil, I think. We loose the convenience made by the availability of a portable phone transforming it into a walking stick for keep up our hesitant steps. What about if you leave your office half an hour earlier? All right, pick up your phone, call your wife announcing your decision (Hi darling, I’m coming home!). You made it only to receive her approval to your choice, but getting into the risk to be reproached (WHY?) or puzzled (Ahh…ok, ok, I’m waiting…are you sure?) or menaced (Not now John, I’m here with my friends for a Tupperware demonstration) or even be charged for some tasks (well George, so please go and by some sugar, vegetables and fruits…) or be informed about some terrific news (…’cause my mother is coming for dinner). Does it worth a phone call?

Why do I blog this?
Addiction is always dangerous; our mobile phone (and the way we use it) looks like the old warm cigarette, that most of us were forced to leave and forget: always in our hands, always on, warm, lighting, we love to use it after dinner or coffee, and above all without thinking…


  1. What I find to be so annoying about the mobile phone is the fact that it is so mobile 🙂 You can’t seem to get away from anything or anyone if you keep your phone with you. You can’t get away from work or your mother! We are all just a phone call away. There is no getting away to relax unless you are willing to leave behind your mobile phone. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time isn’t it!

  2. I don’t use cellphones anymore, my last phone blew up when i put to charge, i’m so lucky that the explosion came when i was out of room.

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  4. I think the disadvantages always come with advantages: it largely depends on how you use the phone, really.

    If you make a policy not to bother you with nonsense (or just use your phone less), then you might eventually stop receiving silly phone calls.

    Then again, if you have a BlackBerry and an iPhone, maybe you should empower the people, who try to contact you, to make their own decisions. Or, if impossible and absolutely necessary, actually find a way to be physically present to help them.

  5. i ahte all of you i mean what the hell are you on about youre generalizing everything! The kind of people that do this sort of thing and are that irressponsible are the ones that shoukld ahve been recognized as not fir to cope on their own anyway.
    just get a clue and if oyu hate mobiles go and see some amish

  6. See, I didn't have a mobile till I was 19 and now I seriously don't know how I made it till then without one.
    I don't talk a lot but it has surely become an essential part of my life, not to forget the need to stay in touch online.

  7. I don't think that mobile is the evil. In now days its a need of everyone. No one can even think about to leave it. You should always try to find the brighter side of things not to go for the darker side. But however its been a very interesting article for me.

  8. Let's face it. Mobiles is now one of our necessities. If you are being bothered that someone used to attack your moments of privacy, you may consider turning off your mobile phone during that moment. After all, you don't want to be bothered, right?

  9. When it comes to mobile applications or mobile sets; certainly there are advantages and disadvantages as well for using the mobile in the daily routine life.

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