Turn Your Mobile Phone In A Mobile WiFi Access Point.

Some­times it hap­pens to read some really cool idea devel­oped by some crazy coder.20080111WMWifiRouter.jpg

We have started to see a lot of mobile phone equipped with WiFi and lot of them are run­ning an open Oper­at­ing Sys­tem like Win­dows Mobile or Symbian.

The idea here is quite sim­ple but extremely powerful.

From one side you have your broad­band mobile data con­nec­tion (even bet­ter if you are sit­ting on an HSPA wire­less net­work) and on the other side you have a WiFi chipset sit­ting on the very same mobile phone.

Why not let­ting the mobile phone act as a WiFi access point and route data to the inter­net through the mobile broad­band data con­nec­tion? Just easy as that.

You could then use your phone to con­nect to the inter­net all of your WiFi enabled devices. This is extrememly powerful.

All you need is:

  • Win­dows Mobile 5 — Smart­Phone Edi­tion or Pock­etPC (with phone func­tion­al­ity) Edi­tion OR
  • Win­dows Mobile 6 — Stan­dard or Pro­fes­sional (NOT Classic!)
  • A WiFi con­nec­tion on your device
  • A (cel­lu­lar) data con­nec­tion on your device
  • Inter­net Con­nec­tion Shar­ing (ICS) installed (and work­ing) on your device

Those are very sim­ple require­ments to full­fill for most of exist­ing Win­dows Mobile enabld mobile phone.

I think that the main issues here are that you need to know very well how much your data plan is cost­ing to you. You may eas­ily find your­self with hun­dreds of megabytes moved around in min­utes. The other issue that I see here is that there is does not seem to be any kind of wire­less secu­rity imple­mented. From what I have under­stood the appli­ca­tion will set up an open ad-​hoc wire­less con­nec­tion. I think that at least they should imple­ment an Access Con­trol List (Even if we well know that fak­ing a MAC Address is very very easy) and some kind of encryp­tion. (At least WPA).

The name of the prod­uct is WMWiFiRouter and the devel­oper says that it is still under heavy devel­op­ment in these days.

You may down­load the appli­ca­tion click­ing here and you can read a brief instal­la­tion tuto­r­ial here.

Unfor­tu­nately the appli­ca­tion does not seem to have a Sym­bian equiv­a­lent. That would have been fantastic.

The best part of this is that it is com­pletely free. Go for it, it’s a great idea.


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