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Online Identity. How Many Information Is Out There?

I have to say that I have no particular issue in revealing my identity on-line. My about page on this site is quite clear about that.

Anyway I was just wandering how this information may be used or, better, mis-used.

Between the tools that I use today I have:

  • Jaiku
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Ziki
  • My blogs (And related informations).

There’s a lot of info there to be known about me.

If you look at my Jaiku stream you will be able to know what I am doing and where I am. Same for Twitter. In this case the history of information is limited to, let’say, a couple of days? That does not prevent someone from tracking my activities.  Same for Twitter.

Looking at my Photos you may collect information on my taste. My photos will stay there forever.

The list of my links on will represent a clear indication of my interests and behavior.

Looking through my blogs you will be able to understand what I am thinking about a lot of things in the Telecoms industry and in my life in a more general way.

Monitoring my LinkedIn account you may track the companies I visit and the contacts that I add to my network.

In the best case this information may be used by a head hunter looking at informations about you for your next job.

In the worst case it may be used by thieves monitoring when I will leave my house to reach my holiday house.

Why do I blog this? I’m just feeling too much exposed during these days. Real threat or I am getting paranoid?