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GPS Reloaded

20070625HG_100.jpgNo more than a week ago we were talking about this in a brainstorming/party session while hidden in a cave in the Gavi countryside.

It was no more than a joke and the sentence come through as a joke: “How long will the GPS industry take to build something that makes use of Heads-up display technology such as that used by military jets?”.

It seems that the first GPS product with this technology has been released.

Just have a look at the HG-100 specifications.

The HG-100 is a GPS sensor, actually with very good performance, that implements head-ups display technology to visualize basic information on the driver windshield.

From the informations I have been able to collect from the website the device is able to display:

  • Car heading.
  • Current speed.
  • Speed limit alerts.

As you can see that’s does not seem to be really useful information but the fact that this kind of products start to appear on the market is a clear indication of the next steps of an industry.

Nowadays there are clear limitations:

  • The informations displayed by the device do no represent navigation data.
  • The device will need a reflective film for informations to be displayed on the windscreen.

Why do I blog this? I think that this will be one of the next move the GPS industry will do to make their products more attractive to customers.

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