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Solar Powering Your Gadgets

Freeloader Solar CellThis blog usually does not talk about gadget even fi I have to confess that I am really tempted about doing that.

In this occasion I think I will do talk about one great gadget I read about some time ago. I have already talked in the past about the weirdness of taking with you plenty of cables and power supplies. Even if you carry with you every single power adapter chances are that you will run out power on one of your devices when you will need it. Too bad.

Usually that will happen when the first available power plug is kilometers away from you. Sort of Murphy’s law on mobility.

This is why I am really tempted to buy one of these Freeloader Solar Chargers.

The price is quite good since you can get one of these for as low as 29.99 GPB.

The interesting thing about this device is that is has both solar cells and a battery in the same device. Basically the solar cell will charge the 1.000 mAh Li-Ion battery when left in the sun. At the same time the device is provided with eleven adaptors for almost any device you may have in your bag while hitting the road.

Total weight is 185 grams that is quite high but that I will be willing to take with while traveling.

And the last thing, it does not produce CO2 while powering your devices.

Why do I blog this? Somehow I am really attracted by this kind of stuff.