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Don't loose the Power

A new technology is going to break out in IT market; I’m talking about GPGPU (General Purpose Graphic processing unit). More than technology, it could be defined as an idea, a smart way to use our graphic card processor for doing some of the hard work that the standard CPU cannot normally stand as fast as we need. Born in 1990s, this technique is going to became more famous due to the growing need of computational power of our daily tasks. Several applications that need lots of computing power could be managed through the GPU that looks like a dedicated unit for special operations, such as ciphering algorithms, faster mathematics as in the DNA chain rebuilding or robot motion planning. It looks like that Intel and the others gives room enough for more and more sophisticated graphical devices, and that now these could overwhelm their hosts.

Why do I blog this?

It could be one of the most important topics in 2007. Go to visit the dedicate website for more details.

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