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Mobile BitTorrent

I noticed an interesting news on the VNUnet website titled “BitTorrent unveils consumer electronics SDK“.

If you go through the article you will find that the peer to peer software developer has released an SDK to allow integration of Torrent technology into consumer electronics device.

Well, actually not really new. There are already some devices that integrates BitTorrent or other P2P technology. (External Disks, NAS, etc.).

Apart from any technical consideration I am wondering if this kind of applications have a space in the mobile market.

The main issue is always the same old one: without a flat data plan it will be useless and too much expensive.

This post is mainly a question to myself and I would be happy to hear any comments from you guys out there.

Actually I see some interest in the distribution technology itself even if I think that cellular networks architecture is not really the best for this kind of applications.

  1. I have a question too about the “all devices torrent ready” scenario regarding the italian fixed telco infrastructure: do we have enough bandwith? Is the infrastructure build to support such an exstensive usage of the lines?

    (I guess that the same doubt applies to a mobile network…)

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