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Augmented GPS

20070405smart2go.jpgIn the next few months we will a lot of new mobile phones coming to the market with integrated GPS functionality.

At the same time you can observe a lot of new applications like smart2go and AmazeGPS lining up with TomTom Navigator, Route66 and similar.

These are all great applications. They have pretty much the same functionality and I have test most of them personally. I have always been very happy with most of them.

I think that they can (and need to) evolve when used on a mobile phone. These applications should be aware of the two way data communication channel that is available on mobile phones. Some of these application already try to make use of this channel. (e.g. give live traffic information while you drive).

The possibilities are still unexplored.

Usually I make use of GPS when I need to reach a place that I do not know how to reach. That’s the basic use.

Let’s try a different approach. Why don’t we turn on the GPS mobile phone every single time we drive lettimg him register position, route,speed and time and upload this information to a centralized location.

After the system will have collected enough data he will be able to compare my planned route with statistical data adjusting automatically the route according to the average traffic condition. This should be a sort of AI application that will learn from me, the customer, about my habits and about different traffic conditions over time.

I would like to download automatically updated POI (Point of Interest) to my devices while I drive.

As always you may want to connect your GPS application to your address book. It may automatically check where your friends are and give you a notice when you come close to one of them.

From an operator point of view you can use location data to advertise on mobiles while the user is driving pushing him to stop by a store.

Why do I blog this? I always have the sensation that when a new technology is made available to the masses the development curve tend to slow down. I think this is a mistake. At that point in time the curve need to rump up with new ideas.