in Considerations

Merry Christmas!

20071219Christmas.jpgAs every year I started receiving in my e-mail inbox the usual season’s greetings.

Day after day the number of these electronic messages increases.

Just a couple of considerations:

  • I do not really like to receive these kind of messages from people I do not know.
  • The same applies to people I do not talk to from years. I know I am still living in your address book but it makes me feel unhappy to be simply part of a mailing list.
  • If you send me season’s greetings please remove all the legalese at the end of your message. I am just wondering what kind of damage I can do to your company by using that fancy image you sent me.
  • Please, put every recipient in the BCC field.
  • If you really want to send me season’s greeting please be sure to use some original image. You all have clever designers that can work on that. Please don’t google for a season’s greeting image and use it. I have received at least three messages with the very same picture (and you did not even changed the image name….)
  • If you really care about me just give me call. This is what I usually do.

Merry Christmas!