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Merry Christmas!

20071219Christmas.jpgAs every year I started receiving in my e-mail inbox the usual season’s greetings.

Day after day the number of these electronic messages increases.

Just a couple of considerations:

  • I do not really like to receive these kind of messages from people I do not know.
  • The same applies to people I do not talk to from years. I know I am still living in your address book but it makes me feel unhappy to be simply part of a mailing list.
  • If you send me season’s greetings please remove all the legalese at the end of your message. I am just wondering what kind of damage I can do to your company by using that fancy image you sent me.
  • Please, put every recipient in the BCC field.
  • If you really want to send me season’s greeting please be sure to use some original image. You all have clever designers that can work on that. Please don’t google for a season’s greeting image and use it. I have received at least three messages with the very same picture (and you did not even changed the image name….)
  • If you really care about me just give me call. This is what I usually do.

Merry Christmas!

  1. I hear ya about wanting an original Christmas greeting for it to be meaningful. I feel the same way. If I mean anything to you, then take a little time to send me something that has taken some thought and effort and make my Christmas card whether it’s paper or electronic, something unique and special. Too many folks these days don’t take the time to really put thought into their Christmas greeting. They just send out something because they know they should. At least add a personal message at the end of the canned greeting! (Feel free to add a gift card too if you like 🙂

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