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Innovative TV

A new on-line tv is now available on traditional broadcast channels and on the net, it’s called France 24, started this month, and the most important messages in launch campaign are:
“FRANCE 24 is the first French international news channel to broadcast on a 24/7 basis. In December 2006, it offers a French perspective on world events.”
“FRANCE 24 is characterized by respect for diversity and attention to political and cultural differences and identities. It offers an in-depth analysis of current events, aiming to uncover what lies beneath the surface and reveal what the public is not used to seeing, knowing or understanding.”
“FRANCE 24 is deploying a decisive and bold multilingual strategy. Its programs are broadcast on two channels, one in French, one in English, with Arabic scheduled for 2007. Spanish will follow. Free and unencrypted, the network broadcasts via the various platforms of the digital universe : satellite, cable, ADSL, Internet…It places Internet at the heart of its strategy with a trilingual site as of its launch.”

I’m not so familiar with French culture and tradition, but their history is made of men and episodes of high relevance. Putting on top the idea to offer their perspective on world events as French people, and offering this perspective in a multilingual environment and through a multimedia platforms, perhaps indicate that could be another way to explain and uncover life and politics events. Someone could think that the French grandeur will lead this experience, I prefer to wait and taste their attitude. It’s better a new perspective, even if French, that no perspective at all.

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