Killed By Bad Presentations? React!


Raise you hand if you have ever been almost killed by a bor­ing presentation.

Yes, I think that almost every­body out there has had some expe­ri­ence with this.

Truth is that bor­ing and bad archi­tected pre­sen­ta­tions are just part of the prob­lem, at least accord­ing to my per­sonal point of view. I have done a lot of pub­lic speak­ing recently and, you know what, it’s get­ting bor­ing at least.

I def­i­nitely hate the sce­nario where I am con­fined behind a podium and I am sup­posed to be the sub­ject mat­ter expert about some­thing while the peo­ple is sit­ting in the room lis­ten­ing to me. Worse is that their only option to inter­act with me is the usual ‘Do you have any ques­tions?’ at the end of the speech. There is no inter­ac­tion, no real time feed­back, and no option to adapt the con­tent of your speech to the audi­ence reactions.

Yes, that may be really scar­ing for most speaker. Most of them feel really com­fort­able being con­fined in the bor­ders of their slides. Think for a sec­ond at the poten­tial­ity of a sce­nario where you can dis­trib­ute in real-​time addi­tional con­tent to you audi­ence, make the envi­ron­ment react to what you are pre­sent­ing while not being con­fined behind a podium but being part of the audi­ence itself.

If we go for­ward we could even image to trans­form a speech in a par­tic­i­pated event where every­body gives his con­tri­bu­tion to the con­tent, maybe with just a ‘like’.

At the very same time while you speak you see a lot of peo­ple using their note­books, tablets, phone and you are sure that there may be a con­tinue flow of twit­ter, or Face­book sta­tuses being posted.

I think there is a lot of unex­pressed poten­tial in deliv­er­ing con­tent and sto­ries to peo­ple. It’s time to take action and build some­thing exciting!

Over the course of time I have dis­cov­ered that it’s much more excit­ing to work on some­thing new with other peo­ple, and that’s why I am call­ing for help and contributions.

I would like to form a group of peo­ple work­ing on new and cre­ative ways to deliver con­tent and sto­ries. Give a new set of tools to dig­i­tal sto­ry­telling. All what will be pro­duced will be licensed with a Cre­ative Com­mons License and made pub­licly avail­able. At the very same time soft­ware will be dis­trib­uted with a good Open Source license.

I already have a few ideas to build upon and a few bricks to use:

  • Use Microsoft Kinect Sen­sor or you web­cam to con­trol your presentation.
  • Arduino to con­trol lights, sounds and other phys­i­cal ele­ments in the room.
  • node.js to make the pre­sen­ta­tion inter­act with peo­ple in the audi­ence, col­lect rel time feed­back, and dis­trib­ute extra content.
  • Col­lect­ing social net­works feed­back in real-​time and dis­play it in a way that is mean­ing­ful to the speech.
  • a lot more…

So, if you are inter­ested in this drop me a line at js email
and let’s see how we can move on to build some­thing exciting.

I am look­ing for­ward to hear­ing from you!

P.S. No, you don’t really need to be a magi­cian to do this.

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Photo Credit: Mike Licht, Notion​sCap​i​tal​.com

  • Vicky Kumar

    Raise you hand if you have ever been almost killed by a bor­ing pre­sen­ta­tion.
    dont mind but i am really not get­ting you what you want to actu­ally tell

    • Alessan­dro Galetto

      Well, actu­ally I would like to inter­act with peo­ple will­ing to design a new con­cept for dig­i­tal sto­ry­telling. That’s the basic idea.