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UXCon 2010 – Corporate User Experience

Last year I had the opportunity to give a speech at the User Experience Conference in Lugano.

The User Conference Conference is an event produced by Luca Mascaro and the great guys at Sketchin. It is definitely a fantastic event if you are into User Experience.

If you are not into User Experience that conference will then be even more valuable to you, and I will tell you why.

If you know me you know that I have a very technical background even if in the last five years I have been running the product development team in H3G, an Italian mobile network operator. I can tell you that in the early stage of my profession, back in 1991, I was pretty much sure that everything was sitting in bit and bytes of products and services.

I always thought at industrial design and user experience as fancy stuff.

I have changed my mind.

Technology is there to work. It's only a matter of availability, time and resources.

User Experience it's not. It's a mix of art and science and I think it is where the real core of the product or service is. It is the most crtitical element for success and not taking it in deep consideration will lead you to failure.

User Experience Conference will take place also in 2010. October 9th is the date. Save it!

I have been lucky enough to be invited to give another speech.

The title of my speech will be "Corporate User Experience. Mind the gap!".

I have been working for large companies during all of my professional life and in the presentation I will show which are the pitfalls in which a large company may fall during the release of a new product or service. You may put a lot of attention to build a perfect User Experience but in large corporate environments that is not enough.

Processes, procedures, systems are so many and with so many different rules that you are forced to take in account all the service delivery chain in order to deliver to your customers a compelling product or service. User Experience is tough, but corporate environment is tougher.

This is the reason why I think you will need to educate your company and your senior managers. You will have to make them understand what User Experience is and why it is so important to be successfull.

I think that in this are the iPhone has been of great help. Tipically in any large company each senior manager will have an iPhone and using it they will have learnt what a great user experience is. Well, at least if they will hold their phone in the proper way.

That may be a great starting point to promote the culture of User Experience in your company.

Hey, you don't really want to have all of the speech in here…

Grab your seat at the User Experience Conference here and listen to all of the other great speakers that will be there. 

  1. You may put a lot of attention to build a perfect User Experience but in large corporate environments that is not enough.

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