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The .Dust Podcast

Thankyou to the guys at Odiogo we can now offer and audio podcast of our blog posts.

The Odiogo service will convert your blog posts into and audio file and will create an alternate RSS feed for your newly created podcast.

The service is really very good and the text-to-speech engine they use seems to be very effective. I have only tried English as a language so I have no idea on how it will work for other languages.

Integrating the service in your weblog is fast and easy:

  • Subscribe to the service at Odiogo.
  • Download the WordPress plugin, install it on your platform and activate it.
  • Configure your Odiogo plugin with your Odiogo Feed ID.

You are done! It’s that easy.

If had to make a critic to the service I would like the wordpress plugin to be a little bit more configurable.

It would be a good idea to let the user choose to which categories the service should apply. Just to give you an example I would not want to publish on my podcast the category post.

Apart from this little thing it’s a great service and, by the way, it’s free for bloggers.

If you want to subscribe to the .Dust podcast just click on the badge below.

Subscribe to the Odiogo podcast.

  1. Update: the service from Odiogo seems to be down at the moment. Not a very good launch for a new service. That reminds me something from the past.

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