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As part of my daily job I join every single service on the internet I become aware of.

I think that I have something like 200 accounts out there and I have been using most of them for no more that a couple of days. Different reasons for this:

  • No interest in the service for my job.
  • No real personal interest in the service.
  • Bad service.
  • Already seen.
  • and so on…

If you look at new web services you will find that you can join them in no more than a couple of clicks. That’s cool.

What I find very strange is that for the most part of these services there is no way to delete your account. You will stay there forever even if you will not sign in for months.

I am just wondering why this happens.

At the end of the day it should be very easy to delete an account. Why don’t I’m not allowed to cancel my account if, for any reason, I don’t want to use the service anymore? Does the total number of users impresses your investors? Don’t you have to answer the question “How many ACTIVE users do you have on your service?”

At some degree that should be an innovative feature: acknowledge the fact that someone may dislike your service.

Why do I blog this? I have just created an account on Twitter and I was delighted by the fact that I can cancel my account at any point in time. This does not happen very often, but it should.