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Innovation in politics

20070301idv.jpg This morning I was driving to the office and was listening to a radio program talkiing about politics.

Basically they were saying that politicians in Italy are among the oldest ones in the world. That is true. You can simply have a look at Senato della Repubblica or at the Camera dei Deputati web site and go through the biographies.

I want to stay away from any political consideration here but I have to notice that at least one guy between them is trying to be innovative.

The name of the guy is Antonio di Pietro. Again no considerations on what he is doing right now or what he has done in the past.

I think he is trying a very different approach to politics:

  • He is one of the few politicians who owns a web site with an english translation (Decent translation I have to add).
  • This web site is a weblog and comments are open.
  • He has been the first to decide to publish the outcomes of the Council of Ministers on YouTube.
  • He has purchased and opened a Second Life island for his party.

This is really amazing.

Why do I blog this ? We live in times where the distance between people and politicians in increasing every single day. Every effort to reduce this distance is really innovative. (At least in Italy)