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Hey Mom, Where did you hide the Kitchen?!


“How do you convert a kitchen into a more livable space? Treat it like your other rooms.” With this simple message an Us Company, YesterTec, focused on kitchen treatment and innovative furniture will help it’s customers to eliminate the boundary between the living area and the kitchen area. The solution is quite simple, several separate elements of furniture that substitute the traditional single kitchen cabinetry and that appear like the one in your living room. The founder’s note is explanatory, even if some of its main points are not applicable in every culture. For instance, most of the European flats are small and divided into little cubicles, you have to raze a couple of walls to appreciate the advantage of this innovative way of living. But if you’re tired of your old furnishings this could be a good solution.

Why do I blog this?
This is another example of unconventional innovation, that drives you to think outside the box, even if you’re inside a box…