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frog design Is My New Home!

After almost six years I have decided to leave H3G, that you may know with the commercial name of 3, to join frog design as the new Milan studio General Manager.

I have spent six incredible years at 3 with a fantastic team of professionals, but it was about time to look for pastures new.

I had the opportunity to lead an incredible team at 3 and I hope they will continue on the path that we have drawn together.

Why frog design?

Well, the answer is very very simple. 

frog design people is simply the best, most talented and most engaging people that you can find out there! 

As simple as that.

We are working on very exciting project, most of those you will never know are done by us (yeah, the usual NDA stuff is still there). I have the opportunity to work side by side with the most brilliant people in the industry and learn, learn a lot.

It is a very demanding job and I do not really know how much time I will have to deal with this blog. I'll try my best 🙂

So, see you there!