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Let's Try To Open The Doors

20071017barcamp_1.jpgAs I have written a few days ago I have left the Innovation Team to lead the Product Development team in H3G Italy.That’s an exciting move since I have under my direct responsibility the User Interface team and the Industrial Design Team.

In the last few days I was trying to figure out how we could improve our work and at the end of the day I came to the conclusion that we may need more communications with our customers to do a better job on UI and ID.

In the frames of our job role we use to change mobile phone almost once a day and we have seen pretty much anything that is on the market. This kind of process does not make us the typical mobile phone user. We do not have the possibility to live with a mobile phone long enough to understand which are the hurdles that a typical customer will have to live with every single day.

I think that this is a mistake and I am trying to understand which may be the best approach to correct this issue.

We need more communication with our customers but how does this has to happen?

I have always hated Focus Groups… this is one of my personal limitations.

On the other side we cannot talk directly with millions of customers.

Internet may be a good option? Let’s start to talk with those people who lives with technology every single day and let’s start to listen about what they like and what they dislike of their mobile phone. Actually they are not typical customers too but they may have ideas that can improve our vision of what a mobile phone shall be.

Maybe this is a good start.

Let’s open our company doors to people and listen to them. We can spend together one day and listen to each other. I think that the correct approach maybe the one used with barcamps. Everybody should have the opportunity to speak and we will listen to each other. The point I would like to make clear is that I would not like a Mobile Operator/Customer approach but something like a discussion between peers.

This is something I am thinking of right now and I think I will try to develop a proposal for our senior management to look at.

Obviously this is my personal view and the standard disclaimer applies:

Everything on this blog is my personal opinion and is not endorsed or recommended in any way by the Company where I am working. They do not reflect the vision and mission of my Company either.

Any suggestion?