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Listen to my Voce

Sorry about the joke.

Voce is the italian translations for voice so the title of this post would translate to “Listen to my Voice”

Voce is a company funded by Faith, Inc. that is taking advantage of the problems that most of high spender mobile customer are facing with current wireless carrier.

They identified a niche market: high spenders customers not satisfied with their current wireless carrier.

They built an interesting market proposition:

  • They signed roaming agreements with all the major wireless carrier in the US and also have broad international support.
  • They offer free loaner phones for international travel.
  • Unlimited domestic call and unlimited messaging with free directory assistance and no long term contracts.
  • They offer you the latest technology in mobile phone and they will allow to change your mobile phone with a new one every year for free.
  • They introduced the concept of Personal Mobile Assistant that is available 24/7 and is stated to be knowledgeable, skillfully trained and attentive to your needs.

I think this is the dream of every mobile phone customer.

I really like this kind of approach. The focus in on the customer and is leveraging some of the issues that US customers are facing today. (e.g. reliable service from coast to coast, customer support and directory assistance)

To use the service you will have to pay 500 USD for a one time Voice membership fee and 200 USD monthly fee.

If you are a high spender that is great pricing. I would like to see something similar also in Italy and with the upcoming MVNO launches something similar may happen. I am sure there is a market for this also in Italy.

The only doubt that I’m having is this: shouldn’t these kind of services be the target for every mobile carrier?
Why do I blog this ? I think that some new trend in mobile markets are emerging. This is a model that is worth an evaluation from other operators.