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Please, run what I want!

20070424default.jpgAs mobile phone technology evolves over time we see that a lot of high end phones are similar to personal computers in terms of functionality and applications. You can run a media player, look at your office documents, send and receive e-mail messages with attachments.

Open Operating Systems allow the user to choose additional applications to be installed on the mobile phone and you can find a lot of very good third party software out there. To be honest, a lot of third party software is much better than the default software installed on the mobile phone.

One simple examples is the media player. Usually the native media player is not good at all. A quick look at the Handango web site will list hundreds of better designed media player. You have only to pick and choose.

So you have just purchased your brand new media player for your mobile phone, you have successfully installed it and you are ready to go. It works, it’s good and you end up loving it.

Unfortunately your mobile phone has fallen in love with the native media player. Every time you will download a new song it will launch the native media player.

I think this is a big limitation on usability. I want to be able to decide which application should handle which file on my mobile phone.
At the end of the day in the mobile market should happen what happened in the personal computer market. Users will decide which application will be their default browser, their default media player and so on.

Why do I blog this ? I found myself thinking that the mobile industry has not learned much from what happened in the personal computer market.

P.S. We have to apologize for not being very blog productive in these days. Corporate master are asking for attention in these days and we cannot decline their invitation.