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Wooden Toys Will Teach Your Children How A Network Works

Since my childhood I have always loved wood toys and I am trying to instill that very same interest to my one year old child, aka Piccoletto.20080114Brio.jpg

Searching the Internet for wooden toys I have found Brio Wooden Toys.

Brio is a company with a great heritage in building wooden toys being established in 1884 by Ivar Bengtsson.

Going through their web site you will be able to find the best wood toys I have ever seen since now. While I was browsing the site I noticed a very interesting link on right sidebar linking to a section called “Network”. I was very intrigued and decided to follow the link.

I then found that Brio is building a set of wooden toys that simulate computer networks. These toys can be used to explain to a child how computer networks work in real world without even using a real computer. A very similar set of toys exists for e-mail, cd burner and computer viruses.

I definitely think this is a very interesting approach while teaching children complex concepts. Trying to simplify complex concepts is the right way to go.

Anyway I think that there are also several grown up children who can effectively use this kind of toys 🙂

You can go through the complete list of Brio’s network toy by clicking here.