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Vice President of Stupidity

There is some fun in this even if it proves to be absolutely true, specially in innovation or R&D departments.

I have run through Mike Sigers post at Simplenomics (by the way, highly recommended).

The main thing is:

You and I both know it’s true. Almost every CEO out there needs some to stand up and say, ” That’s stupid. ”

A stupidity detector, in other words. Someone who can’t be fired for telling the truth.

I was thinking about this and it is absolutely true.

I would suggest to have a look at the post and think a little bit about the issue.

Why do I blog this? Not having a lot of time for blogging recently and thinking about company changes this is something that I always thought and never said. Thanks to Mike for pointing it out in clear way. But, shouldn’t telling the truth something that you could do without risking to be fired? I’m joking, we all know it’s not possible.