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Sell Your Product

I have recently attended an event where an Italian venture capitalist was presenting his company.20080219money.jpg

The main goal of the venue was to explain the main principles of the venture capitalist business.

I was expecting something exciting in the presentation itself. I understand the finance may not be the funniest argument in the Universe but whatever the argument is your presentation may be funny.

I would have liked the first slide of the presentation saying something like “Hey, You have a dream, I have the money to make it come true” and then go through all the hurdles of the subject. Positive message with some implications to be detailed later in the presentation.

Unfortunately the first slide was cluttered with small text and numbers and the speaker started with these two sentences:

“We may give you money, but rest sure we want it back” and

“If I had to make a suggestion to a young entrepreneur I would suggest to leave Italy and fund the company in another European country”

That was quite sad to hear.

Lucky us the next presentation was made by a very funny lawyer that even if he was talking about sad things such a company winding-up or write off made us laugh most of the time.