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Energy Speaker Systems Or The Customer Care In The Web 2.0 Era

20071127Energy.gifI have been a customer of Energy Speaker Systems for the last ten years and I have always been very happy about their products. I find that they really offer superior quality for the price tag.

Three months ago the wall mount of my Energy Encore Sys C-1 broke letting the speaker fall on the sofa. The same thing happened to the other wall mount two week later letting the speaker fall on my wood floor. Too bad.

The interesting thing is that these wall mounts broke without any significant external event. They are out of reach and nobody could hit or move them. I gave a look at the broken pieces of the wall mount and it really seems that they broke by stress of material.

I decided to visit the Energy web site in order to find replacements for wall mounts. I did not want to get free replacement, I just wanted to find replacement for them and I was willing to pay for them.

I finally found the contact page and was quite disappointed to find that it was only a web form. Usually this means that nobody will take ownership of your problem and will never respond. Actually this is what happened. Nobody ever answered my support request.

Two weeks I tried another time. We all know that systems may fail. Let’s give them another chance. Again, no answer.

I decided to reroute my support request to the US branch instead of the European one and last week I tried to contact them again. Same result. No answer.

This somehow remembers me the long bloody story I had with Pixmania. Same issue, same problems. I could only find a web form to contact their customer care. No answer from them after ten tentatives. I went through their domain registration details, found the main company of the groups, had a look at their investor relation site and found the name of the CEO to whom I wrote receiving an anwer the day after. (By the way I still feel very sad for that poor lady of the customer care that has to work for such an arrogant boss as the director of customer care proved to be. You have my support.)

I am wondering if I have to go through the same process again with Energy.

Is this the way companies have to deal with their customers? I do not think so. I would like to find a real e-mail address to which I can write. I would like to find a human being on the other side and not an automatic responder.

I perfectly know this cost you time and money but at least you will not ever had a customer non recommending your company for future purchase. This is what I will do with Energy Speaker Systems.