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Questions and Answers

No room for questions without answers since the World Wide Web started to rule.

Search engines, even not more sophisticated, boy_pc.jpgare clever enough to give you more than one response to your questions, no matters how tough they are.

You put in it a few words and receive a massive quantity of information explaining what’s and why’s of everything.

Is the role of search engines going to change our behavior and relations between friends and relatives? First of all, why ask something to someone? My always on high speed connection gives me the way to “google” or “wiki” almost everything, simply click and go and search and find and read and…understand (in a personal way). The last bullet is something to think about: search engines do not explain anything, they “declare”, and that’s all. It applies very well in office environment. Asking for an explanation is often unfair, colleagues look so busy and asking means that I’m not trained enough, let’s have a google session and clean up my mind.

I’m looking with a bit of fear to the next computer independence day of my kids, that usually ask me for everything: they’ll start to solve their doubts looking on the web, understanding what they can and what they want about life, sex, politics, history, music, religion, or searching on YouTube to become witness of events that are fakes.

The cold and precise answer you receive from an engine could not substitute human explanation, full of life and colors, enriched with the experience of the speaker and filled with his voice. It depends on the subject, but the suggestion is to use the web as a second chance, and keep on questioning.

Why do I blog this?
This could be a hint for you boy, and if someone tell you “What are you saying?” or “Don’t bother me with your silly questions” you can answer “I read it on the Web, dad”.