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Google To Enter The Browser Market With Google Chrome.

On September 1st Google annouced the forthcoming release of Google Chrome, an open source web browser that is going to compete in an already overpopulated market.

Google Chrome Comic Book

Google Chrome Comic Book

Apart from the considerations about this move from Google that has been already deeply discussed on the web, I was amused by a collateral initiative launched by Google to promote their product.

They had the idea to release a comic book describing the main features of their browser where they describe how a common browser works and how their browser is going to be different, faster and more efficient and secure.

I cannot remind any other company doing that before, and I think this is definitely an innovative way to promote a product.

I had a look at the comic and I have to say that you do not need to be a software geek to understand it.

This is another demonstations that innovation is led by education and communication. One caveat: we will have to check out his browser before saying that it is something really innovative.

You can find the original announcement from Google by clicking on this link and the comic book at this link.

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