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Apple iPhone And The Yet To Be Announced Google Phone

20070919GooglePhone.jpgApple has recently stated to have sold 1 million iPhone units. That’s a great result.

I have recently been able to put my hands on one of these devices and I have to admit that I have been really impressed.

Apart from the underground community efforts to make this beast usable to run third parties applications it’s well know that you do not have access to such a feature from the off shelves units coming from Apple.

On the other side it seems that Google is working on linux based operating system that is targeting mobile phones. According to what you can read on the internet their intention is to open all the APIs to third party developers.

Well, Apple and Google are at the opposite on this approach.

Will Google plans push Apple to open their platform to third party developers? Possibly.

Anyway we must notice that Google is making money out of advertising, and their recent move in mobile advertising somehow confirms their interest in mobiles, and on the other side we have Apple that has a contractual agreement with AT&T in the US (and with O2 in the UK since yesterday).

It may not be as simple as I was thinking.

Why do I blog this? I always find very interesting to explore how different companies approach the very same problem.