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Apple May Reject All Auto Generated Applications In AppStore

So it seems that Apple is going to reject all those applications that are built using an application generator.

I have written on the subject in the past and I found it a fantastic idea, and I still think that is the case.

Jason Kincaid of Techcrunch (via says that:

Apple doesn’t want people using native applications for things that a basic web app could accomplish

One simple question: why?

Is there anything serious in such a statement, apart from trying to control every single bit that goes through Apple's AppStore?

I mean, I have spent ages on the launch of the iPhone in Italy and I have seen doze of presentations from Apple stating concepts like:

  • Design your app for the 30 seconds usage scenario.
  • Be consistent.
  • User if the center of your design.
  • Avoid adding every little feature.

So, usability and effectiveness are the center of the iPhone Application. I could not agree to this more.

Then you say that you may reject all those applications built with application generators because they can be done as a web applications. 

In terms of usability is there anything faster than unlocking your phone, tap on your preferred application icon and read the news from your favorite blog? Yes, it's true that the user may add a link to the home screen having more or less the same experience but how many customers out there know how to do it? 

It also seems that they may accept these kind applications if they will add more functionality such as"

  • In app purchase (of what?).
  • Instant notifications.
  • Offline access.
  • Landscape viewing mode.

I agree that these kind of functionalities will add value to the application itself, but if the goal is to reduce the clutter in the AppStore this is not going to change anything.

There are already more than 150k applications in the AppStore and yes, it's a nightmare for both developers and end users.

I think that banning these applications is not the right move to remove clutter in the AppStore.

I have gone through all of the documentation you should agree with when becoming an iPhone developer and I do not see any reason why these kind of applications should be rejected. It is not duplicated functionality.

They are just simple applications and maybe they should be positioned at a free price point but I do not really understand why they may be rejected.

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this information will users be able to download applications now?

  2. I agree. I don't think apple is making the right move by not allowing these apps. There are so many junk apps out there anyway that I think it will take more than this.

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