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Too Much Social

20070730Social.gifI have been using Twitter, Pownce, Ziki, Jaiku for quite a while now.

My preferred application still remains Jaiku, for a lot of reasons but the most important one is that I can easily track the status of my friends while I’m hitting the road and post updates too. All from one single application and without having to wait for my phone Web browser crunch web pages.

I have now 131 contacts in my Jaiku friend list.

Simply put: that’s way too much to handle, specially when you are in mobility.

For the first time I think I have hit the limit of mobile social networking. The amount of information is too great and when you are in mobility you really care about few one contacts.

I think this in an interesting finding. When I’m sitting at my desk with my personal computer connected to the internet with a high speed data connection I do really read all of Jaiku updates from my contacts list and I find myself commenting quite often.

When I am moving and I can use only my mobile phone as a connected device I really do care about a few people from my Jaiku list. It seems that my social ecosystem is somehow reduced.

I do not think I’m the only one on this road.

At the end of the day it may be a digital representation of the difference between the sentences : “I (digitally) know him” and “I am a friend of”.

I am just wondering why any social network today is not making any difference between these two kind of relationships. As far as I know in every social network you are connected with other people or you are not. The difference degrees of relationships are not represented there as in real life.

According to me this is a limitation even if I understand that this may be a nightmare to implement and may create conflicts between users. (I connected you as a friend and you connected me at a lower degree of social interaction, just to say one). Maybe the solution is to let the user decide without even notify the other party. That’s what happens in real life.

Why do I blog this? I was reading a post from Jason Calacanis and even if it was not strictly related to the argument of this post it made me think.

  1. Alex, i’ll quote the entire post. Btw there’s a social network that is designed with different classes of contacts: it’s Flickr. You can classify a person like a mere contact, friend or family and this classification helps you to share fotos in a safer/controlled way.

    Recently i started adding only people who i know a little bit (in person or digital) since i consider Flickr a tracking friend tool more than a photosharing site…

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