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Addicted to Jaiku

Jaiku.jpgI have been using Twitter for quite a time in the past, and I liked it.

From a couple of weeks I have dropped Twitter and I have jumped into Jaiku.

I have written in the past that I think that quite all applications should be built around the Contact list since it’s a revenue generator by itself.

It seems that the guys at Jaiku were listening to me.

Jaiku is quite similar to Twitter in its concept. The great thing is that is can replace your standard contact application. This is what I have done on the Nokia N73 that I am using at the moment.

You can update your presence data from inside the contact list without sending an SMS as required by Twitter. You can have a look at what your friends are doing simply opening the contact list.

Since when I have started using Jaiku I become addicted to it and update my status more often than I used to with Twitter.

In some way my contact list is no more a static thing. It’s alive and really push me to stay in touch with my friends.

If you want you can have a look at what I am doing by clicking here.

Why do I blog this ? This is a perfect expample of what I think a mobile application should be. In some way it is an augmented contact list and it is a brilliant implementation.