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The Unboxing Phenomenon

While I go through my list of RSS subscriptions I always find ‘unboxing’ posts and I always find those posts very strange to me.20080225unboxing.jpg

Is it a form of geek porn, a ritual of an unknown pagan religion or what?

Could someone who read this from the United States what do they find so cool in unboxing posts and videos?

I am surely missing something here since after a very quick research I found two different web sites which only talks about unboxing: and

Personally I think that the videos showed in these web sites should be played from the end to the beginning since I always find impossible to repackage stuff as it was was originally boxed. That would be a great service.

  1. Dude, awesome comment on the backwards thing… BTW though, this comment box is making me want to stab myself in the eyes since it has white text on a white background (Chrome Only??). Hooray for notepad. Anyhoo… I think the number one attraction with unboxing videos is that thousands of people finally have more than 0 reasons to speak up about something–Even if it's because Daddy gave them an iPod, iPhone, MacBook, or the requisite $3000 dollars in cash to purchase some sort of overpriced f***ing product. The internet has done some terrible things in its day, but giving unimportant people the ability to pollute our precious tubes with unimportant shit is by far the WORST.

    10 points for you sir.

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  • // DEGREE360 April 21, 2009

    else. I usually think Mac cultists are fun and harmless (and the phenomenon is genuinely interesting), but sometimes they do scare me. If there’s one thing that makes me wary to admit that I use a Mac, it’s this unboxing video (and what’s with theunboxing thinganyway?) of some dude in an orgasmic state over a computer. And I don’t think it’s a spoof or a hoax. Humans are strange creatures: 3. Glassbooth – Quiz to help you choose best 2008 presidential candidate. I should’ve posted this a long time ago,