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New Year Propositions

I have neglected this blog way too much in 2008 and I will put a lot more effort in 2009 to make it more effective and worth your time.

As you will have notice the template has changed. Yes, I know, yet another template change. The point is that I am never completely satisfied about what I get and I will probably go for a professional WordPress template anytime soon.

From the site statistics I have noticed that some people read this blog using their iPhone and I have since installed a plugin to deliver a better experience to those users. The plugin I have used is called iWPhone and it awesome. Check it out if you have the very same need I have.

I have added three new sections to the blog that will be filled with specific content:

  • Reviews : as part of the job I am on right now I have the opportunity to look into a number of new devices coming from mobile phone manufacturer at the early stage of their development. I will try to review them and report about those. Anyway I will still have to deal with NDAs so you will see only thing that are public and announced.
  • Interviews: I will get in touch with people in the mobile industry and will talk with them about their view on several different subjects.
  • Goodies: This area will host documents that I will be able to share with you about my personal view on the mobile industry. Again, I will have to deal with NDAs but I will try to share as much as possible.

I am still working on some new features that I would like to add to my blog in order to make it much more effective. Stay tuned to see them coming soon.